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CPB, Inc. offers the following tips in installing a fence (residential applications):



  • At least 24” should be below ground level. Cut all the posts after the concrete is dry to a uniform height.
  • You CAN just pour the dry concrete into the hole and add water without mixing. This will result in a poor mix. WE strongly recommend that you mix the concrete prior to pouring it into the hole. We advise that the concrete go in first, filling the remaining portion of the hole with dirt – this will aid in stabilizing the post until the concrete dries – allow at least 24 hours before nailing on the rails/pickets.
  • Check carefully that your posts are installed plumb before the concrete dries completely.
  • Use between 2/3 and one full bag of concrete per post. Shoot for 1-1/2 bags on corner posts or posts bracketing gates.
  • Place posts a little less than 96” on center apart. It will be much easier to cut a little off the horizontal rails than work hard at achieving exact spacing between posts.
  • For posts in low-lying locations, we recommend using a treated post for additional rot-resistance.


  • Generally cross rails should not exceed 8’ in length due to the sail effect that the fence panel will have once constructed. Due to the winds we experience at times, wider panels will blow off the posts much more easily. Attach rails using 16d galvanized nails or other 3” fasteners. Check for consistent gapping between the rails.
  • It’s suggested that you use three rails between posts.

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